The site is back online after being down for a while. If you tried to send us an email, the old address was dead. The new address is tinymountain at gmail dot com. It doesn't look like the album is going to be coming out on Barracuda Sound Records. But that's OK because ADL is like an animal that can't be killed. It just lays there existing. -- Travis

Jesus christ! Over a year and no updates. Well, if you haven't figured out already, ADL is dead and just another name on the endless list of band obituaries. This website will stand here as a memorial to a good band that had a lot of great times. Currently, we're talking to Barracuda Sound Records about putting out the album that never happened because we don't want the songs to be wasted. Also, Jon and I have started a new band, Towers Of Hanoi, along with my wife Rachel. We're playing actively around Gainesville, and our website is towersofhanoi.org. If you liked ADL then, you might like Towers Of Hanoi as well even though the sound is totally different. Anyway, thanks to everybody that came out to the shows or hung out on the front porch over on 4th Ave. I'll be putting the album back up in the near future, so feel free to give them a listen for old times sake. --Travis

Just added a new audio section to the website. You can download high quality mp3s of our entire album from there. We just celebrated 4th of July together as a band at my kick-ass 4th of July BBQ and got totally wasted(as usual) and had an overall good time. We're back into a regular practice schedule now, and we just wrote a new song that we all really like. We also have a show coming up on the 31st of this month at Full Circle. It'll be the first time we've played out in quite a while, so it should be really fun(even if nobody is there...). Keep an eye on the website because we'll be adding more lyrics, pictures, and band info in the near future. -- Travis

Well, here's the start of our brand new website. It's very much in the works at the moment, so expect it to continue to change for a while. In case you were wondering, ADL is still alive; however, we're on a bit of a touring hiatus due to the fact I'm having a kid in the near future. At any rate, we're about to start practicing again, so we should be playing some shows around Gainesville in the not too distant future. We recently finished recording a 10 song album at Earthsound Recording with Lee Dyess, and we're really happy with the way it came out. We're still looking for someone to put it out for us, so if you're interested, drop us a line. Until then, we're planning to make mp3s of the songs available on this site, so that they can be heard. I should have them posted sometime in the next few days or so, so keep an eye on the Audio section of this site. Our sister band, It Can Only Get Worse, is planning on going on tour this summer. Check their site for more information. -- Travis